Naturist Legacy Park ... for Manitoba nudistsNaturist Legacy Park ... for Manitoba naturismNaturist Legacy Park ... for Manitoba nudists

Naturist Legacy Park ... for Manitoba naturism

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About Naturist Legacy

Naturist Legacy Inc. is itself a modern naturist club, yet boasts a 45 year heritage, in part thanks to community members from past clubs, such as Crocus Grove Sun Club and Musqua Meadows Club. As a result, members of Naturist Legacy have a vast net worth of experience with socialized naturism in Manitoba.

On a hot summer afternoon, Naturist Legacy Park is a great place to relax away from the city and find a combination of peace and tranquility. I leave my clothes and my worries behind! (BC)

Our Values

At Naturist Legacy Park, we believe in responsible freedom and sensible conduct. We believe in healthy respect for oneself, for others and for the natural world around us.

Naturist Legacy Park provides a welcoming environment where naturism can be practiced in natural non-sexual surroundings that are wholly appropriate for all persons regardless of age, race, gender, relationship status, religion, physical ability or appearance. 

Naturist Legacy Park to me is all about enjoying the feeling of connecting with the earth and my inner self by being fully nude in a natural setting. (M&L)

Typical naturist activities include sunbathing, skinny-dipping, sports, hiking, camping, socializing and relaxing. The general idea is simply doing things nude that most people would usually do clothed. Of course, we do wear clothes for protection when it's cold, when doing rough work, or when we've had enough sun and need to cover up.

Some people believe that being nude with other people must always be sexual, or that naturism is morally wrong. Naturists have learned through experience that these notions are false. We may be nude, but we're not lewd. As difficult as it may be for some people to understand, naturism is actually a very non-sexual activity. When you and others are unclothed together while doing routine everyday activities, you quickly discover that there's simply nothing in such behaviour to stimulate sexual feelings.

At Naturist Legacy Park, you should expect acceptance. You should expect a welcoming naturist environment for you and your whole family. You should expect responsible freedom, sensible conduct and respect for your privacy. You should not expect lewd behaviour of any kind here. Ever.

Women and Naturism

The links below will be of special interest to women who are perhaps a bit skeptical about naturism, or who simply wish to learn more about this unique way of living.

Nude Recreation From A Woman's Perspective

A Walk On The Nude Side (PDF)
Friendly and kind are words that don't even come close to describing the welcoming feeling that I received during my very first summer as a nudist. I felt like part of a family at Naturist Legacy Park. (GM)

Join Us

Naturist Legacy Park offers you a truly unique nudist club experience in a beautiful, private location.

Seasonal memberships are available. Serious inquiries are welcome.

Write to us today at  and request our online membership information kit.

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